Anger Management

Anger Management Group Counselling

This intensive psycho-educational group program is for men who want to acquire new skills for managing and communicating their anger. Referrals are accepted to meet supervisory orders, such as bail, probation and parole. Referrals from EAP and/or employers are also accepted. Self-referrals are always welcome! The group is open to both voluntary and mandated clients, although men facing domestic violence charges must complete a domestic violence program before they are permitted to take part. We strive to ensure individuals are accessing a treatment plan that matches their specific needs. There is a fee for this program.

Anger Management Professional Training

The John Howard Society of Toronto Anger Team will provide training to staff in community agencies and organizations. These services include: Training in best practices for Anger Management programs; Techniques on how to support individuals struggling with their anger; Anger and Substance abuse what is the connection and how to intervene. We will work with organizations prior to the training to ensure that we are meeting the needs of trainees. There is a fee for this service which is based on specific training needs.

Community Anger Management Services – Onsite Counselling for Clients

Our team of professionals will provide group sessions to clients in community agencies across Toronto. This service could be on-going or workshops as needed to support these individuals. There is a fee for this service based on the specific workshop and supports required.