Aboriginal Outreach Program

Working within the Aboriginal community, community agencies and local jails to provide anger management, traditional teachings, support services, counselling, and healing & talking circles.

Anger Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)

Referrals for this program are made through Court services only from  Community Justice Programs.  Individuals are provided counseling for Substance Abuse and Anger Management.  This program assists individuals with addressing both of these issues by identifying triggers for each and  steps to take towards implementing prevention strategies.

Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

Community Justice Program

This program provides adults charged with mostly minor first time criminal offence(s) an alternative to the formal court process. Individuals charged are still held accountable for their actions by completing community based sanctions. Upon successfully satisfying the program, through the options of charitable donations, volunteer community work, participating in workshops or programs, the charge(s) against the individual is withdrawn by the court. We offer Community Justice Programs at the Metro North Courthouse and the Metro West Provincial Court.

Freeing the Human Spirit

Freeing the Human Spirit is a non-profit agency affiliated with the John Howard Society that brings yoga and meditation to inmates in prisons across Canada. These services support safe communities and the healthy rehabilitation of inmates by teaching them non-violent skills to cope with trauma, addictions and mental health. Our rewarding work is provided by trained volunteer yoga instructors in over eighteen Canadian institutions.

Our Goals & Objectives are to:

1. Promote and advance the physical, mental, and spiritual development of inmates in Canada through the practice of meditation and yoga.

2. To support meditation and yoga teachers who offer classes in correctional facilities.

3. To deliver a letter writing program that supports inmates in their practice of yoga and meditation.

Finding Employment with Criminal Record

Finding Employment with a Criminal Record is a 12-session Pre-Employment Program for males 18+ currently in receipt of Ontario Works who are having difficulty finding, obtaining or maintaining employment due to their criminal record. The program is focused on giving individuals the tools necessary to succeed in work environments and with job searches. Topics include how to overcome barriers to employment, communication in the workplace, resume writing, interview skills, basic job search techniques, etc. Clients enrolled in this program who are eligible for a pardon will also be connected to a Records Suspension Worker to begin the Records Suspension process.

Intake, Counselling, and Case Management

Public Education

S.T.E.A.M. (Strategies to Employment Anger Management)

This program is for (male) clients in receipt of Ontario Works who may have anger management difficulties, poor conflict resolution skills, or minimal success in personal relationships. S.T.E.A.M. works to provide the tools and necessary skills to maintain employment and communicate positively with employers, coworkers and people in the community. Individuals will learn positive communication skills, how to express their anger in a positive way, methods for attaining work/life balance and assertiveness skills, while increasing their confidence and self-esteem. Clients in this program also receive pre-employment supports including, but not limited to short and long-term goal setting, resume writing assistance, a financial literacy session and connections to other job service providers in the city. This program is 12 sessions in length and is held Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in the afternoons. In order to access this program please see your Ontario Works caseworker for a referral.  

Youth Intervention Counselling Program

This service is provided for individuals between the ages of 18-24 that are incarcerated at the Metro East Detention Centre, Metro West Detention Centre and Toronto Jail. The objective of this program is to assist these young people to make positive decisions in order to meet their future goals through counselling, support and community referrals. In order to access this service individuals are required to put in a request to the John Howard Society through a correctional officer.