Domestic Violence and Partner Services

First Things First

Providing harm reduction services to reduce risk of harm from substance abuse.  This service is provided through educational sessions at the Toronto Jail and in weekly relapse prevention groups at our downtown location.  This service is also provided on through one-to-one counseling and assessments.  Referrals are made to treatment programs to support clients with their plan of care.  The objective of this program is to work with men to support treatment plan in order to obtain and secure housing.

Institutional Services

Pre-release planning, supportive counseling, and institutional programs and/or groups are offered at
the Toronto East Detention Centre, the Toronto West Detention Centre, the Toronto Jail and Mimico
Correction Centre.

Post Incarceration Housing Support Services

Scarborough Addiction Services

S.M.A.R.T – Scarborough Mosaic Addiction Response Team – Provides counseling services and educational sessions on harm reduction and substance abuse services meeting the diverse needs of the Scarborough community.  This program is offered in Tamil and English with a focus on providing Newcomers with information and support in this regard.  We also provide this service at the Metro East Detention Centre upon request.

Transitional Housing Support Services

We also operate transitional housing in partnership with the Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) for clients of the Toronto Drug Treatment Court. This transitional housing provides clients with
on-going addictions counseling and access to permanent accommodations.

Volunteer Services

Our Volunteers participate in meaningful and innovative work in our community as well as within our local correctional facilities by providing some of the following supportive services: